Get Back On Your Feet

Blue Iron Physio helps runners manage and recover from injury, and start chasing PR’s again.

Run. Train. Recover.

Whether you’re a recreational runner or trying to PR your next marathon, Blue Iron Physio specializes in treating running related injuries.

Running Assessment

Review your injury history with your PT. Then, hop on the treadmill and have your PT analyze your gait mechanics with our video analysis app.

Develop a Plan

 Review your exact diagnosis with your therapist and get an individualized plan of care to get you back on the road.

Lace Up and Run

Your therapist will ensure that you are equipped to maintain your health and prevent your pain from returning.

Words from our runners

As a runner I’ve had the best experience with Dr. Kat at Blue Iron Physio! Not only was she able to start seeing me very quickly but she was also able to get to the root of my pain/discomfort and create an action plan for me. Dr. Kat is also a runner so she was able to give me a gait analysis and give me feedback on that as well. I will definitely always be going to see Dr. Kat at Blue Iron Physio for any future injuries as well as general maintenance.

Lauren G

Kat has been a godsend and I’d recommend her to any runners. I came in with peroneal tendonitis in my foot and issues in my knee that were causing me pain even when I walked. Within 2 sessions she’s helped me completely fix both issues by helping change up my running form, showing me some simple exercises to build strength, and teaching me how and what to stretch. I’m planning on working with her further to keep getting stronger and faster as I train for a half and eventually full marathon. Highly highly recommend!

Ariel R.

I’m so grateful to have met Dr Kat! As a runner I’ve always been hesitant to reach out for help for any aches and pains because I’m afraid I’ll get told to stop running. Instead of taking the easy route and having me take days or even weeks off, she took the time to find the source of my pain and assigned me thoughtful and targeted stretches and exercises. I dialed back my mileage a bit, but never completely, and now I’m back to the same level and more. She is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, and truly cares about your recovery. Working with Kat I know I can trust that her advice is sound, and that she cares about getting me back on the road just as much as I do.

Sarah F.

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Run Like Never Before

Master the Marathon

The Master the Marathon program is a monthly, in-season, running program that is designed to help long distance runners perform at their healthiest and strongest on race day

With constant check-ins throughout the training cycle, we will be able to:

  • Provide runners with a holistic approach that reduces the likelihood of injury 
  • Tackle minor aches and pains immediately to avoid it from becoming a injury 
  • Keep the body feeling fresh by reducing tightness, stiffness, and range of motion limitations 
  • Run your race feeling AND performing your best 

Run Your Best Again

Katherine helped me a lot with my peroneal tendonitis. She knew exactly what to do to strengthen my foot and told me a training plan that worked great for me. I haven’t had any issues since!

Tiffany R

I’ve had a great experience at Blue Iron Physic working with Dr. Kat, I came to her with some knee pain and she took me through a gait analysis and based on her findings she started a plan to work on my weaknesses. Kat gives me exercises to do at home and then she keeps progressing them when I see her. I’m feeling much better and running pain-free for the first time in years working with Kat. I definitely highly recommend Dr. Kat.

Joe S

Peak performance, Pain free

Start Your Recovery Now

Not sure if Blue Iron Physio is the right fit for you? Before you trust us to help you achieve your goals, our doctors want to take the time to get to know you.

Set up a 30 minute phone consultation where we will discuss your injury/pain and specific rehabilitation needs. We will also answer any questions you may have before scheduling your initial in-person appointment.