Physical Therapy Services

“It’s hard to train and compete, but it’s even harder not to be able to train and compete”

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Recovery = Performance

Blue Iron Physio specializes in helping competitive and recreational athletes return to their peak performance, pain-free.

The best abilities are durability and availability

Recovery +

The Recovery + program is a monthly, in-season, hockey RECOVERY program that is designed to help our players maintain their highest level of play throughout the season 

Each athlete enrolled in the program will have twice-monthly performance PT sessions with Dr. Dave throughout the season that include: 

  • A thorough assessment/re-assessment of any pain, tightness, or discomfort 
  • Hands on soft tissue work to assist in recovery 
  • A plan to address any aches, pains, pulls, strains (etc.) that come up throughout the course of a regular season
  • Specific mobility and activation routine for maintaining muscle and joint health throughout the season
Run Like Never Before

Master the Marathon

The Master the Marathon program is a monthly, in-season, running program that is designed to help long distance runners perform at their healthiest and strongest on race day

With constant check-ins throughout the training cycle, we will be able to:

  • Provide runners with a holistic approach that reduces the likelihood of injury 
  • Tackle minor aches and pains immediately to avoid it from becoming a injury 
  • Keep the body feeling fresh by reducing tightness, stiffness, and range of motion limitations 
  • Run your race feeling AND performing your best 
Peak performance, Pain free

Start Your Recovery Now

Not sure if Blue Iron Physio is the right fit for you? Before you trust us to help you achieve your goals, our doctors want to take the time to get to know you.

Set up a 30 minute phone consultation where we will discuss your injury/pain and specific rehabilitation needs. We will also answer any questions you may have before scheduling your initial in-person appointment.