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3D run analysis

3D motion capture provides the insight you need to improve your running form and train injury free


Discuss running history with your PT and Perform Running Readiness Strength and Mobility assessment


Record gait with 3D Helix System on Treadmill


PT provides running drills, cues, and corrective exercises based off result of 3D run analysis


Leave with a home exercise program and gait retraining program designed to improve running economy and prevent injuries

what our runners are saying

"I came to Blue Iron because I am training for a half marathon and I have been experiencing bilateral knee pain, limiting my ability to complete distance runs. I worked with Kat, who was knowledgeable, supportive and professional during my time here. She utilized a 3D run analysis that allowed us to identify deficits in my form. This led to us implementing strategies and cues that now have allowed me to run pain free and continue on my journey of completing my half marathon. Kat has also provided me with a plethora of strengthening exercises to assist with reducing pain and improving my muscle imbalances. I would recommend this facility for anyone seeking physical therapy services"

-Mckenna D.

"I got my first ever running analysis done here and I can 1000% say I was pleased with the results. Im currently training for a sub 3:00:00 Marathon and my running coach recommended getting an analysis done. Although I was a bit skeptical, I was blown away with the results!!


It showed me so many things such as imbalanced hips and incorrect foot path. All this I wouldn't have found out if it wasn't for the analysis.


The run analysis itself was done quick and easy. They put you through an assessment to understand your strength levels and injury history. Then you hop on the treadmill and in only a few seconds it gives you an immense amount of results and they thoroughly explain everything and give you cues on how to fix the problems.


Everyone, and I mean literally everyone should get one done even if you're not an athlete or runner"

-Matt Z.

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