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return to play 

better data, better results 


Discuss injury history with your physical therapist and perform a movement quality screen


Obtain objective measures from our 3d run analysis, force plates, tindeq, etc.


Develop a plan to address any movement, strength, or power asymmetries identified during testing


Receive a report of the findings from your return to play test and receive guidance on a safe progression back to the field

what our athletes are saying

“I worked with Blue Iron Physio after tearing my ACL for the second time. Given my history of knee injuries, they devised a rehab plan that catered individually to my needs. The rehab was a fun but challenging experience and they pushed me to my limits, but not so far as to risk further injury. Highly recommend it!”

- Ethan T

Dave and Kat have quickly gotten my daughter back to being able to participate in sports again after wasting over a year receiving suboptimal PT at a neighboring facility. They are hands on and with you for your entire appointment. You're never handed off to tech who gets you started on an exercise then ignores you the rest of the time. They are right there working on your form and pushing you to advance. Then there's the added bonus that they are both super nice, positive people. Thank you Dave and Kat!!”

  - Kim R

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