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Marathon Runners

master the marathon

our comprehensive program to help you run your best race yet


Discuss your running history and goals for your upcoming race with your PT


Your PT will provide running drills, cues, and corrective exercises based off the results of your 3D run analysis


Record your running gait with the 3D Helix System on the treadmill


Leave with a game plan on how to best prepare for your race while minimizing the risk of injury

what our runners are saying

"I came to Blue Iron Physio with Achilles pain. I was training for the New York Marathon. Dr. Kat was amazing gave me tons of exercises to strengthen and eventually get rid of the pain. Unfortunately I suffered a devastating stress fracture of my femur. At that point i didn’t have a running coach, i tried to train by myself and I overdid it. Dr Kat has helped me strengthen my legs to prevent this injury from happening again and keep me running. She also gives me a training plan each week to follow so that I don’t over train again. She is always available for me to text with questions or to check in with pain. Without her, I’d either be out of running because of my fracture or overtraining again for another injury. I am happy to say so far this year I completed the New York United Half and the Shape Woman’s Half. I have the Brooklyn half in three weeks and then we begin training for TCS New York Marathon! Thank you thank you thank you to Blue Iron Physio for everything you’ve done for me!"

- Lisa F

"I'm so grateful to have met Dr Kat! As a runner I've always been hesitant to reach out for help for any aches and pains because I'm afraid I'll get told to stop running. Instead of taking the easy route and having me take days or even weeks off, she took the time to find the source of my pain and assigned me thoughtful and targeted stretches and exercises. I dialed back my mileage a bit, but never completely, and now I'm back to the same level and more. She is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, and truly cares about your recovery. Working with Kat I know I can trust that her advice is sound, and that she cares about getting me back on the road just as much as I do."

-Sarah F.

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