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What Our Athletes Are Saying


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Matt Zelaya

I got my first ever running analysis done here and I can 1000% say I was pleased with the results. Im currently training for a sub 3:00:00 Marathon and my running coach recommended getting an analysis done. Although I was a bit skeptical, I was blown away with the results!!


It showed me so many things such as imbalanced hips and incorrect foot path. All this I wouldn't have found out if it wasn't for the analysis.


The run analysis itself was done quick and easy.They put you through an assessment to understand your strength levels and injury history. Then you hop on the treadmill and in only a few seconds it gives you an immense amount of results and they thoroughly explain everything and give you cues on how to fix the problems.


Everyone, and I mean literally everyone should get one done even if you're not an athlete or runner


Quentin Musty

Working with Dave at Blue Iron Physio was one of the greatest choices I could have made for my career. Every hockey player in New Jersey should be looking to him as their number one choice for rehab and injury prevention

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Eddie Cobos

Good emphasis on my ankle mobility and really explained to me how important it is to do each exercise and how I can benefit from it. I started to get more mobility in my heel area and the aches and pains are slowly decreasing. My ankle feels stronger and more athletic. Did a good job of giving me new exercises to where I can do that at home and have me the tools like a band and energy packets to do my workouts at home. Also very friendly and always was easy to talk to and always had a positive approach when coming into PT everyday. Thank you!



Nick Moldenhauer

Blue Iron Physio helped me get back on the ice ASAP in time for our run to a national championship  

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Zach Wasserlauf

Working with Dave and Blue Iron Physio has kept me physically ready and feeling great in and out of my athletic season. He has also helped me come back from gruesome knee and shoulder injuries as efficiently as possible, which I am incredibly thankful for.

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Josh S.

This. Is. The. Place. You. Want. To. Go.


I had pulled my back and wanted to get back out playing golf as soon as possible. As soon as I walked in to see David and his team I noted the organization and cleanliness of the extremely modern facility which brough out a confidence in both my choice of PT and also in my desire to work to get stronger and healthy again.


David and his team are a pleasure to work with - they're friendly, yet professional. It's clear they're dedicated to learning more about their craft (they're always telling me about the latest articles they read about how to improve their care) and listen to you. The most impressive part of the whole process of working with Blue Iron was their ability to explain to me, in simple terms, what was wrong and how we were going to fix it.


I'm happy to say that I'm back to feeling 100% AND THEN SOME. I can't recommend them enough.

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