Does pain or an injury affect your performance on the ice?

Blue Iron Physio specializes in helping hockey players spend more time on the ice, and less time icing.

Hockey Specific Rehab

Over the past few seasons, Blue Iron Physio has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of hockey players to help them move better, recover better, and prepare their body for the demands of hockey.”

Initial Assessment

Set up a free phone consultation to discuss how Blue Iron Physio can help you and schedule your first office visit.

Develop a Plan

Review your exact diagnosis with your therapist and get an individualized plan of care to get you back on the ice pain free.

Stay off the bench

Your therapist will ensure that you are equipped to maintain your health and prevent your pain from returning.

Go Hard, Every Shift

Nick Moldenhauer, F

Chicago Steel, USHL

Blue Iron Physio helped me get back on the ice ASAP in time for our run to a national championship

Quentin Musty, F

Sudbury Wolves, OHL

Working with Dave at Blue Iron Physio was one of the greatest choices I could have made for my career. Every hockey player in New Jersey should be looking to him as their number one choice for rehab and injury prevention

Greyson Pane, G

North Jersey Avalanche

Blue Iron Physio was able to help get me back on the ice pain free after dealing with hip pain for a long time

The best abilities are durability and availability

Recovery +

The Recovery + program is a monthly, in-season, hockey program that is designed to help our players maintain their highest level of play throughout the season 

Each athlete enrolled in the program will have twice-monthly performance PT sessions with Dr. Dave throughout the season that include: 

  • A thorough assessment/re-assessment of any pain, tightness, or discomfort 
  • Hands on soft tissue work to assist in recovery 
  • A plan to address any aches, pains, pulls, strains (etc.) that come up throughout the course of a regular season
  • Specific mobility and activation routine for maintaining muscle and joint health throughout the season

Peak performance, Pain free

Start Your Recovery Now

Not sure if Blue Iron Physio is the right fit for you? Before you trust us to help you achieve your goals, our doctors want to take the time to get to know you.

Set up a 30 minute phone consultation where we will discuss your injury/pain and specific rehabilitation needs. We will also answer any questions you may have before scheduling your initial in-person appointment.