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Controlling Your Mindset in Physical Therapy

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

One of the main goals of a physical therapist is to help their client stay focused on the positives throughout the long course of recovery. In many cases, recovering from an injury can take months (or longer) and is both mentally and physically challenging. Focusing on what you can control as opposed to things outside your control can help alleviate the mental stress associated with a long recovery.

Things you can control

  • Who you trust to help your recover

  • Consistently completing your prescribed therapeutic exercises

  • Your nutrition

  • Improving your sleep quality

  • Modifying your work environment

  • Letting your PT know if an exercise is too easy or too hard

  • Resisting the urge to do activities you love that cause you pain

  • Your attitude

  • Your vision of what is possible

Things you can’t control

  • Mandatory life tasks such as caring for kids

  • How your body responds to certain activities

  • The past

  • The timing of the injury

  • The length of your commute to work

  • Random set backs along the way

Recovering from any injury is a hard process and it can be easy to fall into the traps of worrying about things you have no control over. Spending time reflecting and thinking about these things can be healthy in small doses. However, every time you find yourself obsessing or worrying about something you can’t control, acknowledge it and re-focus your energy on one of the many things you can control!

Best of luck on your recovery journey! If you are interested in learning more about how Blue Iron Physio can help you, click here, to schedule a call with Dr. David Schwartz

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