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Easier Choices = Harder Life

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

“Easy choices - harder life. Hard choices - easier life”

This is one of my favorite quotes when it comes to training/rehab (I just wish I remember where I heard it!) In life, if you constantly take the easy road and AVOID challenges, you will pay for it in the long run.

When you are recovering from an injury the EASY choice is to sit back, rest, and avoid doing the uncomfortable work. I get it. I’ve been there before too. It SUCKS. But you know what is worse? Missing out on LIFE.

My high school baseball coach used to tell us that “anything in life that is worth anything takes hard work.” Recovering from an injury takes hard work, but it is WORTH IT. Waking up pain free, going for a walk, playing with your kids/grand kids, or doing activities you love is what is at stake! Which life do you want? One with hard choices or one with easy choices?

You CAN heal! You CAN improve your quality of life! You are STRONGER and more RESILIENT than you think!

Oh and by the way....IT WILL BE HARD! Embrace it.

Best of luck on your health journey! If you want to learn more about how Blue Iron Physio can help you, click here, to set up a call Dr. David Schwartz.

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